Dr. Lionel C. M. von Frederick Rawlins is the Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Safety and Security Operations at the American University of Nigeria (AUN). He is also the Director of the Center for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (CDMHA) and faculty member. Dr. Rawlins has also served as a dissertation committee member and dissertation committee chair for many doctoral candidates.

Dr. Rawlins has presented before Members of Congress, the United States Institute of Peace, the Department of Defense, the Pentagon,  and the National Press Club on matters concerning the violent Boko Haram insurgency and IDPs in Nigeria and elsewhere. He has provided executive security for many world leaders, to include the former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power. He has provided security for embassies/consulates and ambassadors of the US, UK, Ireland, Cameroon, Rwanda, Canada, Israel, European Union, South Africa, India, Switzerland, Venezuela, Norway, and Denmark. He has also provided security and support to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and many other media houses and NGO groups.

As a scholar, Dr. Rawlins has published and presented at international conferences and seminars, given keynote addresses, and served on television and radio as an international security analyst and expert. He has written  and co-authored several books including the popular Satanic Cults and Ritualistic Crimes (Kendal Hunt, 2011). One of his many publications, Theories of Crime Causation, has been widely read and cited by students and academicians. He has also been featured in several distinguished magazines such as The Smithsonian, The Economist, Rotarian, National Geographic, and many international news publications. He has also appeared on BBC, Fox News, CBC Canada, Aljazeera to name a few.

Dr. Rawlins is president and founder of The VonFrederick Group (www.vonfrederick.com), a Sacramento, California, based counter-terrorism and criminological organization, as well as a sister group, VonFrederick Global Security – Africa. Dr. Rawlins has working experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East and the Far East, in the capacity of a counter-terrorist and a criminologist. He has appeared on numerous television interviews and talk-radio, discussing homeland security and terrorism issues, as well as criminal profiling and criminal behavior.

He has been an assistant professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Sociology, History, Ethnic Studies, Business Management, and Leadership. Dr. Rawlins has also lectured at Gakushuin University, in Tokyo, Japan and is a lecturer/trainer at the Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College.

Dr. Rawlins also worked as the Executive Director of a facility that housed teenage female gang-members involved in drugs, prostitution and extremely violent crimes. He was the administrator of another facility for extremely violent adolescent boys affiliated with gangs.  He has been Head of Security for major private companies and is a consultant on school violence. He has spoken, written and published extensively on the ritualistic crimes of Satanic cults.

From his experience, Rawlins has observed military and world leaders, managers, administrators, CEOs and other senior executives struggle in the face of impending threats of domestic and international terrorism, and with the effects of crime and criminality on their organization’s assets. His military training and educational background are definite assets to his counter-terrorism and criminological attributes.

Dr. Rawlins’ unique synthesis of expertise in criminogenics and the asymmetrical war on terror puts him in great demand as an international lecturer, commentator, criminologist, and counter-terrorist.

The Environment and Safety Management institute Nigeria having seen all these contributions, will confer her fellowship on Dr Rawlins during the strategic stakeholders’ seminar on March 6, 2021 in Yola, North East Nigeria