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It is important for businesses and organizations to provide food handlers with an understanding of food safety. This training enables them to reduce contamination when handling food products. It helps their establishment uphold a suitable safety system. An effective way to communicate this information is through food safety training, which teaches food handlers how to apply proper handling, storage, and cleaning techniques.

These good practices prevent customers from suffering food poisoning and allergic reactions, help curtail food waste, and boost efficiency. But above all, they make your food premises a pleasant, safe place to eat for customers, which means they’ll likely return and recommend you to others.

Environment and Safety Management Institute is the best platform to do this training and certification for any food handler.

While swimming can be enjoyable and great exercise, it is important to remember that we must be cautious and careful always.  Whether it’s at a pool, ocean or lake, it is important to follow a simple set of rules to stay safe. Water safety training does not only look at how to swim safely in the waters but it is a professional training that looks at water conservation and management and how best to make available clean and usable water for all purposes.



The word DISASTER involves concerns about school shootings, communal clashes, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and terrorism threats. However, what many organizations fail to keep in mind, is how to fully prepare for all aspects of these disasters or similar matters.

Developing an effective disaster or crisis response program will benefit any organization, whether it be a hospital, school, or a manufacturing warehouse. They all need a plan in the event of a disaster or crisis. It may sound like a daunting task, especially if you are starting from scratch, but once the plan is in place, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re working from a written process in case a disaster strikes.

The Environment and Safety Management Institute has designed this course to meet the needs of her clients on disaster preparedness.

Fire safety training is not only required by law, it’s also an extremely important skill to obtain regarding the safety of employees and others who might be in the building. Fires are damaging to property, cause injury or death, and can even eliminate jobs since many buildings destroyed by fire are not rebuilt. The way to prevent these dire outcomes is proper fire safety training.

Taking part in fire safety training will provide workers with skills such as recognizing hazards, being able to complete a fire risk assessment, taking action in preventing fires, and lastly understanding how to respond in the case of an emergency. All of these are indispensable skills and give employees the potential to completely eliminate fire risks in the workplace.


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