HSE Training

Get registered to be trained as a certified Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Officer with ESMI. ESMI examination is one of the best in the world. It is online-based and very reliable. After the Examination, you will be certified with designated letters to your name.

What is HSE?

HSE means Health Safety and Environment. It is a professional course that equips you with special Skills to handle Health, Safety and Environmental issues in every company.

Where will I work with this certificate?

The HSE certificate will enable you to have easy access to work with Oil Companies, Coca Cola, Breweries, Food and Beverage Companies, Military, Paramilitary, United Nations, UNICEF, UNEP, big NGOs, Ministry of Environment, Fire Service, Road Safety, Aviation, Ministry of Transport, Telecommunications and others.

How is HSE related to my field?

HSE is related to every field. It is a field of its own. That is why people with HSE certifications are paid extra money in every organization.

What are the benefits?

1. Helps you to ensure occupational safety.
2. Helps you to develop a positive health and safety culture.
3. Expose you to manage health and safety better.
4. Helps you to avoid financial costs of accident and ill health.

Why should I do my program with ESMI?

• Environment and Safety management Institute is the best place you can do your HSE program. It has international standard known in Europe, America and Africa. After your program, you are certified and given designated letters to your name to distinguish you from other HSE practitioners who have done the program in local organizations.
• ESMI publishes the International Journal of Environment and Safety Management and offers her students the opportunity to have their articles published at an international level. The journal has readership in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Get registered today and be trained by the right organization. Every year, the institute organizes the Annual International Conference on Environment and Safety (ICES) which brings together researchers, students and managers in an international forum where knowledge is shared. You can be part of this too.


Our Course Offerings

We award certificates on different levels of training based on field of experience. These certifications are graded depending on the level of training and field experience of the trainee that is being inducted. The levels are:

Basic Certificate in Safety

4 week classes

This is referred to as Junior Environment and Safety Professional Certification. The institute awards this level of certification to holders of Ordinary Level certificates such as GCE, OND and their equivalents. The trainees are issued level one HSE certificate with designated letters JESP to their names.

Advanced Diploma in Safety

18 week classes

On completing this level, the holder is referred to as a Certified Environment and Safety Manager. This level is meant for Environment and Safety Practitioners who have worked in the field with relevant experience. The practitioner must, in addition to rudimentary training on Health, Safety and Environment management, acquire knowledge on fire safety, oil and gas safety, food safety, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or other related issues. They are awarded the designation CESM to their names.

Professional Diploma in Safety

12 week classes

Holders of this certificate are also known as Associate Environment and Safety Managers. The level is meant for fresh graduates (Degree and Higher National Diploma) with no experience who have completed HSE 1, 2 and 3. The trainees are awarded Professional Diploma in Health Safety and Environment with designated letters AESM to their names.

Fellow, Environment and Safety Management Institute

life-time certification

This is an honorary title (award) the institute gives to individuals or organizations who have contributed to the development of the principles on which the institute was established. The awardees are selected by the institute or can be nominated by partnering organizations and clearly announced to the public before conferring such titles of distinction to such people or organizations. The honourees are given plaques and certificates with power to use the designation FESMI on their names.

Important Notice

The Environment and Safety Management Institute reserves the right to withdraw their certificates, titles and honours conferred on anybody when ever such individual goes contrary to the principles of the institute. The public is hereby advised to always check the institute’s site to verify any certificate claiming to be from the institute. Always enter the certificate number at the appropriate space and click search for verification.

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