Desirous to pursue its mandate on advocacy, trainings, certification and awareness creation on Health Safety and Environment, ESMI has created this forum to partner with organizations, governments and donors in training community based organizations or group of individuals as volunteers to effectively respond to the Health Safety and Environmental challenges of the various communities they are working in as well as enhance the members’ personal capacity in risk and disaster management.

The Environment and Safety Volunteers concept is expected to help communities not only to combat environmental hazards but also to achieve health and environment safety as well as meet the Sustainable Development Goals 3, 6 and 11 providing the following benefits:

  • Training people on the fundamental issues of Health Safety and Environment such as first aid, fire safety and good house keeping
  • Encouraging the communities to achieve good health and wellbeing
  • Contributing towards ensuring that communities value clean water and sanitation
  • Creating an enabling environment that will enhance sustainable cities and communities
  • Saving lives by reducing the damaging effect of environmental hazards and disease outbreaks
  • Creating awareness on mitigating the effects of climate change

Programme Design

 HSE means Health Safety and Environment. It is a professional course that equips you with special Skills to handle Health, Safety and Environmental issues in every company.

The programme will have three components, viz:

1. Education

  • The Environment and Safety Management Institute (ESMI) technical staff will deliver lectures aimed at creating awareness on health safety and environmental management.
  • Both parties will educate the members through clubs on sustainable methodologies and strategies for the Environment and Safety Volunteer Project.
  • Both parties will train corps members on effective health, safety and environment management at community, local and state levels as part of community development services.
  • The community-based organization will ensure that the members operate as Environment and Safety Volunteers (ESVs) creating awareness on health safety and environment in villages and communities.

2. Awareness Creation

For a successful awareness creation,

  • Each volunteer is to create awareness on health safety and environmental management at family and community levels.
  • Members will assist in formation of Environment and Safety Clubs in schools.
  • Members to galvanize village/community associations to stimulate health safety and environment management culture.
  • CBOs and groups related to health, safety and environment management in the States will form part of the target group for awareness creation during the pilot phase.

3. Celebration

  • Both parties will celebrate the achievements of the “Environment and Safety Volunteer” programme both at state and national levels with the support of the partnering organization. Members will be recognized and given awards by ESMI/partners in recognition of their efforts to contribute to a more sustainable environment and a safer world.

ESV Manual