About Us


Environment and safety management Institute (ESMI) is a registered professional and examination body for safety and environmental Management. We set standards, accredit courses and qualifications for the education of members as well as other Environment and Safety Practitioners (ESPs).

ESMI is an international body for ESPs seeking to develop and promote international standards and professional excellence in environment and safety management. The institute is responsible for promoting best practices in safety and environment standards, professional certification as well as the National and International Service Excellence Awards on health, safety and environment.

ESMI is located in Nigeria with the Administrative Office in Nassarawa State, and has many years of experience in the area of:

  • Health Safety and Environment Management,
  • Job Hazard Analysis,
  • Unsafe Act Auditing,
  • Waste Management,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment,
  • Food Safety and Security,
  • Disaster Management and
  • Ecological Management

We work with interested organizations to develop trainings, assessment and certification programs leading to Certified Environment and Safety Management Professional Certifications. ESMI is Nigeria’s only formal and internationally recognized organization that offers the Certified Environment and Safety Manager (CESM) designation.

The institute is open for partnership with other organizations in organizing our annual International Conference on Environment and Safety (ICES) and publishing the International Journal of Environment and Safety Management. These programs help in providing information, evidence and policy advice to local and national government, as well as ESPs in the public and private sectors. The journal is also a good reference material for scholars and further research.

As a professional organisation, ESMI aims to promote improvements in environmental and safety policy. This led to the establishment of the Environment and Safety Volunteers (ESV) to help local people at the grassroots to understand how to achieve good health and sustainable environment.

We also support and run Center for Human Capital and Environmental Sustainability (CHES), which is a Safety net project of the institute designed to provide support to rural people around the world and victims of violence attacks. CHES is targeted at fighting poverty among humanity by bringing the high and low income earners together in a global cooperative society. The centre’s main areas of concern are:

  • Children education,
  • Rural health,
  • Food security/Agriculture,
  • Good Governance
  • Women and Youth Empowerment
  • Social and gender inequality
  • Skills Acquisition