Environment and Safety Management Institute, approved by Federal Ministry of Education announces Scholarship for NYSC corps members willing to run any of the professional diploma programs.

What are the Courses for this scholarship?
1. HSE 1,2&3
2. Environmental Impact Assessment
3. Food Safety Management
4. Offshore Oil and Gas Safety
5. Emergency and Disaster Management
6. Quality Control Management
7. Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

How will someone qualify to benefit?
Every serving corps member anywhere in Nigeria is eligible. Just register and you will automatically get 40% scholarship.
What are the Payment options?
A- One time payment
B- Monthly payment for three months

What is the Duration of the Programs?
3 months for each of the courses

Good news!
At the end of the training, participants will be inducted into the institute and issued three sets of certificates. Get trained. Get certified. Get inducted with designated letters to your name

Contact Us
Environment and Safety Management Institute
Whatsapp: 08179716797
Email: info@esmi.org.ng