May 2020 Exam

Online is scheduled for 9th May, 2020.

February 2020 Exam

Online is scheduled for 22nd February, 2020.

Environment and safety management Institute (ESMI) is a registered professional and examination body for safety and environmental Management. We set standards, accredit courses and qualifications for the education of members as well as other Environment and Safety Practitioners (ESPs).


Get registered to be trained as a certified Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Officer with ESMI. ESMI examination is one of the best in the world. It is online-based and very reliable. After the Examination, you will be certified with designated letters to your name.


To be a global reference point on Health, Safety and Environmental management.


Our services are scientific based results-oriented.


We utilize only the best science, the most practical & cost-effective solutions for your environment safety issues in all work places & continues Monitoring, evaluations and improvements will be carried out until you succeed.


Our services are focused to solve the environment and safety problems identified presently focused for the future progress of the industry.


To empower through education, trainings, research, and other relevant interventions for preventing and controlling all forms of environmental hazards to ensure safety, health and welfare in organizations and communities.


Any interested party can obtain all ESMI services whenever we are contacted appropriately.


Our services are focused to improve the safety status of communities/organizations and provide consultations for continuous improvements.


We are a private organization in Nigeria extending the partnership with multinational and national industry, employer and employee organizations, International agencies, scientists and professional communities.

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